Rent Now | List An Item


1. Browse Catalogue

Scroll through our catalogue and filter by what you love.

2. Book the items you want

Once you find your favourite piece, choose a delivery date and whether you would like to rent it for 4 or 8 days, and add it to your basket for check out.

3. Track your shipment

Keep track of your item’s shipping journey through our trusted delivery partner. Your pieces will be delivered to your home or office address.

4. Pack it up

On the last day of your rental period, place your item in its original packaging, seal it up, and wait for it to get picked up.
Don’t worry about cleaning the item, we take care of that.

If you have any questions or queries, have a look at the FAQs, or please feel free to contact our team at, and we will get back to you within 24 hours


1. Register as a Lender

Under the ‘Rent Now’ tab, select ‘List an item’. First time Lenders will need to register to open their personal vendor store.

2. Submit items for review

Under the ‘Products’ tab in your personal vendor store, select the ‘add new’ option to list new items. Enter the description, select your price, and add pictures for inspection, before you submit your item for review.

3. Manage items in your store

Once the item is approved, it will be added to TUTNOD’s catalogue, where people can view and rent it. In the meantime, our team will contact you to arrange for the item to be professionally photographed.

4. Pack it up

If someone rents your item, you will be notified by our team to arrange pick up. Get your item ready to be handed over to our trusted delivery partner, who will deliver your item to the renter.

5. Sit tight

Once the rental period is complete, we will collect your item, have it professionally cleaned, and finally return it to you.

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