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Years ago, I would never have conceived the idea of renting clothes. Perhaps because I didn’t realise that I’ve been “renting” clothes for as far back as I can remember. And after having this conversation with many of my friends, there isn’t anyone I know who hasn’t.

I grew up with six sisters. When you grow up with sisters who are mostly around the same age, you really don’t tend to have the “nothing to wear” problem, do you?

We shared or “borrowed” clothes, bags, accessories, even shoes. We got excited when any one of us went shopping because it meant new clothes for everyone. I recall seeing my sisters’ new clothes right out of a shopping bag and visualizing myself wearing them to different places or events. It was such a fun and amazing privilege to have shared closets growing up.

Although I limited the shared closets to my sisters only; I know friends who wore and still wear items from friends’ closets. I recall a very close and dear friend once wore a dress of mine that she really loved to her birthday party. Yes, we have been renting fashion for a long time from people we know.

Shared closet

But the question is, will you rent clothes from people you do not know? We have gradually moved to a sharing economy; placing far more importance on experiences rather than ownership. People have shared homes and cars and today, we have platforms that give us easy and quick access. More people are sharing their homes with holiday makers on Airbnb and sharing cars through the likes of Uber and Careem. Today, platforms that give people access to dream closets such as TUTNOD, Rent My Wardrobe and Villageluxe are becoming more popular.

Yes, people have been renting fashion items from others who aren’t family or friend for a long time. Celebrities, stylists, fashion bloggers and influencer have been enjoying the bliss of fashion renting. It’s well known that by reason of having a celebrity status, re-rocking outfits is done at own risk; likely to result in tabloids and trolls having a filled day. Of course, it’s ridiculous. Everyone, including celebrities should be free to wear their outfits as many times as they please. But it’s the unfortunate aspect of social media. Which is why renting is important to celebrities.

Celebrities rent the clothes they wear on red carpets. Fashion stylists rent most of the clothes and accessories they style their clients with or clothes used in editorials. Fashion bloggers and influencers are also now relying on the ease and benefit of renting clothes and accessories rather than buying. So why aren’t you? You too can experience fashion through renting and take advantage of an endless access to beautiful clothes and accessories. Renting can be an easy, efficient and a convenient option especially when you use one of the renting platforms now available, giving you no liability. Only rent, use and return.

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